China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fire Building Materials
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China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fire Building Materials (NFTC) , founded under the approval of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the State and the Ministry of Public Security, passed the uniform acceptance by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the State in 1987 and was authorized to become one of China's first legal national-level test agencies for the quality supervision of products. NFTC is administratively directly leaded by the Firefighting Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. The test business is guided by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the State and the Firefighting Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. 
Since the establishment, NFTC has paid attention to the laboratory construction and the effective operation of management system in the last twenty years, set up the management system according to the requirements of CNAL/AC01 'Accreditation Criteria for Testing and Calibrating the Capability of Laboratories', and passed the review by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories, the accreditation and the laboratory accreditation once every five years, the metrology authentication and the three-in-one acceptance for NFTC recheck, and the routine supervision review. NFTC passed the review and authentication by the 'validation and test agency' of China classification society in 2003, and was authorized to become the quality validation and test agency for shipping products such as refractory materials and components.
In order to faithfully complete the important task on test imparted by the state and society, NFTC established the quality policy of 'scientific test, fair assessment, good service and realistic innovation'.
The organization construction of NFTC consists of one department, one division and four rooms, that is to say, the technical management department, the technical development division, the office, the test room for fireproof building materials, the test room for refractory building components, and the test room for flame retardant cables and fireproof coating, and has 56 different type of technical, test and management personnel, in which there are 8 senior technical persons. In order to meet the requirement of the test business, the NFTC has set up many test bases, including 'fish mouth test base' for carrying out the large test for fireproof and fire resistant performance, 'Waibeijie experience base' for carrying out the test for the combustion performance of materials, and new-built 'comprehensive test base', and covers an area of over 40 acres. Its construction area is more than 15000 square meters. The NFTC possesses all types of instruments, more than 140 sets of equipments, and a fixed asset of over RMB 30 million.  
Through years of construction and development, now the NFTC has been approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China to undertake the national supervision and spot check, local supervision and spot check, type inspection, arbitration inspection, certification and accreditation inspection, entrusted inspection and other inspection work on more than fifty products such as all kinds of fireproof building materials, fire-resistant building components(units), fireproof sealing materials, flame-retardant cables, fire-resistant cables, fireproof coatings, fire hoses, fire hydrant boxes, fire-fighting lance, bump connectors, interfaces, fire emergency lighting, emergency power supply, fire-resistant materials and components for ships, etc.
In addition to undertaking the inspection business, the NFTC also carries out the developing and revising of the standard relevant to the combustion performance of building materials and the fireproof materials, standardization technology convergence, research and development for test technology and equipment, the training for the personnel from local fire supervision organizations, and other work.
The NFTC also undertakes the management of the secretariat of the seventh sub technical committee (sub technical committee of fireproof materials SC7) of the national technical committee of fire protection standardization.
In order to better service for customers, the NFTC has increased the publicity of the test standards and product standards with the fire protection standardization technical committee, carried out the consultation of quality management system for enterprises, the follow-up test service of quality for products, the grade identification service for combustion performance, and so on.
The NFTC has set up a long-term cooperation and information sharing channel with famous foreign test institutions such as UL (USA), FM (USA), WORRINGTON (UK), KFI (KOREA), JTCCM (JAPAN), etc.

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